Presidency London

Presidency London College (PLC) was founded with the purpose of providing higher academic opportunities for UK/EU and non-EU students to achieve various academic excellences in the fields of Vocational and Professional Training in Business & Finance, Computing & Information Technology, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management and many other programmes. <br /> <br />The College prides itself on having the best staff, with the latest industry experience, to ensure you get the skills and qualifications you need in today's competitive world. <br /> <br /> We will ensure you find the right course to meet your individual needs and career aspirations. We have a range of support services available to help you overcome anything that might be holding you back; additional support with numeracy or literacy. <br /> <br />Contact Us <br />Presidency London College (PLC) <br /> Cumberland House, 80 Scrubs Lane, <br /> London, NW10 6RF, United Kingdom. <br /> (T): + 44 (0)20 3784 6005 <br /> (F): + 44 (0)20 7806 8555 <br /> Email: <br /> <br /> We're really accessible, with great transport links right to our campus. As part of your course and through the tutorial process we will give you key 'employability' skills to get you into the job of your dreams, in a professional adult environment (it's not like being at school!). <br /> <br /> The College has some of the best facilities available for teaching and learning in London. The College is a really diverse place with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds – making it a vibrant place and enriching the lives of both students and staff. <br /> <br />The college campus is located at White City. We are located very close to the Westfield and the college is well connected to various amenities such as underground, over ground and bus stations. White City, Willesden Junction is just 10 minutes away from the college. At the moment PLC (Presidency London College) has only one campus but we do intend to grow in the near future.