hey everybody! umm, well i dont hav much 2 talk about, except 4 like, 4 things, so i'll list 'em! <br />1. i really gotta thank my friend 4 introducin me 2 this place <br />2. almost all of my movies will be about naruto characters, so be warned, <br />3. if u like wat i do, i'm willing 2 take requests, but no that my compy's old, and i can't upload eps, so they'd hav 2 be in slideshow-form, and <br />4. i hav the same everything on youtube. same screenname, same movies <br /><br />top 3 BEST characters in naruto (according 3 me. there r not in order, cuz they're all kewl): <br /> 1. Gaara <br /> 2. Shikamaru <br /> 3. Tobi <br /><br />that's all i hav 2 say.