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Hey I'm Raphaël the biggest Eminem's fan, yeah yeah that's it and I want to meet many people who also like rap music :) If you think that you're also an eminem's fan or a hip hop fan come here and add me as friend ;)



Raph Larage
No prob' homie ;)
if you upload any videos or sumthin hit me back =)
5 years ago by Raph Larage
I have a great story about Em at one of Kid Rock's Album release parties. Maybe someday I will write it up.

Thanks for the videos homey!
5 years ago by FlintcityBob
sabri makhlouf
Yo sa fait grv lontemp cousin alors tu la 50 bloob on the sand...
5 years ago by sabri makhlouf
ok dsl
5 years ago by thirtycent

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