Positive Productions

Established April 18th 1994, Positive Productions were among the first to promote in Japan to offer concerts of big name artists in the Hip-Hop and R&B genre. <br /><br />Recently, we hold huge parties for international crowds called JEWELZ, constantly drawing more than 800 customers every 1st and 3rd Sat. at Yokohama Bay Hall.Coming soon we will have JEWELZ Tokyo at Club Midas in Roppongi so stay tuned! We are one of Japan's most experienced and trusted promoters, we have been known for bringing major guest artists, such as Chingy and Ne-Yo for concerts and even after parties, always taking customers by surprise. <br />Have you become a Positive Productions member? If you register to be a member, you will obtain discounts for our parties (ex; JEWELZ party: regular price is 3500yen, member price is 2000yen), and also get the latest concert events information. Register today, and you will not be disappointed!!! <br />ポジティブプロダクションは、現在までに海外(主にアメリカ)から多数のアーティストを招聘し、数々のHIPHOP、R&B、REGGAEなどのコンサートやパーティイベントやっています