Dan Brown

Hey world! I'm Dan Brown and I love making videos. I've been uploading all sorts of stuff to the tubes since 2006 (notably teaching the masses how to solve a Rubik's Cube: bit.ly/1jne6lT, giving the masses control of my life: bit.ly/1jnea55, musing about the state of sexual education in schools: bit.ly/1jnecdo, etc.) and am currently focused on a weekly series called #POGOBAT: bit.ly/1jnejFy.<br /><br />#POGOBAT is what happens when you take America's Funniest Home Videos' clip-show format, NOVA's focus on our place in both the political and scientific universes, Nerdfighteria's emphasis on community, and the absurdity of Tom Green, blend it all together into a punchy, seven-ish minute show and pour it directly into the brains of the greatest audience on the Internet, the PogoTribe!