Poetry Visualized™ is the newly emerging way of fully enhancing the enjoyment of poetry -- the harmonious blending of the spoken verse with appropriate sounds, music and visual images. Through our website, we are inviting you to not only savor the beauty of visualized poetry, but also create your own.

Visual Poetry is Poetry that combines motion graphics, film or video, music and of course, poetry. This offers an exciting format where poets, motion graphic artists, actors and other artists can reach out to the public and show off their skills and talents.

Naturally, PoetryVisualized.com allows our members to show off their creations. But we have plans that go beyond merely being an online collection of fantastic short films. Our first project will be a Motion Picture of the visual poetry world where we will take the best short films and put them together, with commentary, as a full length feature film. That film will be submitted to the major film festivals. All income from that film will be divided up among the contributing artists and PoetryVisualized.com.

But there is much more to come. Check out the details on our site!

Attorney Rod Underhill represents PoetryVisualized.com: a cofounder of MP3.com and the futurist who helped engineer their 6.9 billion dollar public offering.

"The spirit of PoetryVisualized.com is to have all Creators intermix with each other in a vibrant Artist community for the betterment of all!"

Rod Underhill

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