Mikey California
Santa Barbara, United States
Live to die another day but not this day! Use this day to have a reason more then because you have to, to get up tomorrow because of how great what you are about to do right now is going to be.

This is life, real as it gets and original like you've ever seen and how could you...because up until the moment I finished it, it had never been done. Regret on the deathbed is something nobody on this planet needs. A life worth living beside me and you and all the rest of us livers is what everybody might wanna' check out from time to time, you never know if you won't find something you like over here...with all of us.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and thought to yourself 'Why don't I get off there...?' but there is already just another unanswered question in a life of too many for most as it is.

I got off

This is a rare moment of humble words that I'm writing for you to say nothing more then how much I appreciate everything about what you are doing right now,being entertained by me is the promise I give to you; because without you...I don't exist.

There is a goal I have here, it's a big one and by design; one that I'm finally beginning to understand is going to take a little more than just another lonely-rage against a machine and too many guns with rubber bullets. I'm sick of shooting blanks (Even if they are rubber) So I'm popping caps with the rest of the frey starting now and will be until the end of my days comes and peace will once again be with me.

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1. MIKEY CALIFORNIA : I focus on life and how I may see and play it a bit different then most, with a twist some say, maybe even a coconut one.





Your here to watch and I'm here to entertain...hopefully you. I'm a writer, producer, animator (...and a bunch of other nerdy stuff.) spending the rest of my life with one goal; to create. As of now until something else strikes me, I'm gonna' make movies for you; movies that you will like. I'm not being full of myself when I say that; I am being hopeful. Hopeful that there are others on this planet who see the world in the same way that I do. I see the world as something that can be better...
Enjoy my lil' stab's at trying to do just that. Very non-traditional, very different, very me. - Mike Hanna -
"My take on this wonderful lil' place we call 'Earth'....this should be interesting."


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Mikey California
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Mikey California
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That's how it's do, that's how it's gots at be- H
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