Peter Luha

WELCOME to the PETER LUHA Dailymotion Channel - unique, original, versatile guitar player; singer; composer; teacher - freelance artist.. <br /><br />Thanks for your friendship and subscription here. ;) <br /><br />Feel free to write me for ARTISTIC COLABORATION, RECORDING guitar, CONCERT performances, guitar WORKSHOPS, ONLINE GUITAR LESSONS.. <br /><br />pitu (at) <br /><br />Peter Luha: <br />- guitar experimenter, an expert on various guitar techniques: fingerpicking, sweep, slap guitar, harmonics, tapping .. <br />- guitar instrumental music /acoustic, electric/ <br />- voice project - One Man One Voice <br />- organizer of multigenres international guitar festival in Slovak Republic - Guitarfest Bratislava 2006 & 2007 <br />- guitar teacher and organizer of guitarworkshops <br />- now on the road with Animation project On The Road.. :) <br /><br /> - my official website <br /> <br /> <br /><br /><br /> - animation project