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J'ai commencé à enregistrer ici et sur You tube des vidéo leçons de piano pour les jeunes enseignants, élèves et leurs parents :

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I started recording on YouTube the video piano lessons for young teachers, students and parents.
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Elena Gantchikova’s method “Aesthetical education and personal growth in music” is the result of fifteen years of experience teaching, solo and chamber music piano performance, and composition.
Elena Gantchikova taught over a thousand of students in Russia, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Since she moved to France she has been training musicians not only from France but also from Belgium, Canada, China, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, United Kindom, United States and other countries.
She has over 30 concert programs spanning the whole history of piano music from Baroque, Classicism and Romanism to the contemporary music of the twenty and twenty first centuries.
As a composer, Elena Gantchikova has authored over a hundred of music pieces for instrumental and electro acoustic music. She is fluent in the academic technique of music writing (as a result of her study in Highest Moscow State Conservatory Tchaikovsky), contemporary techniques (she was a student of Gérard Grisey at Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Paris and of Tristan Murail and Brian Fernehagh at IRCAM) and new technologies (IRCAM, IMEB and a one year training program at the Technical University in Berlin).
She holds a PhD from EHESS (Paris) and conducted the scientific research at the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel (Switzerland).
"I teach young pianists, exceptionally gifted children, great piano lovers what I can do myself".

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