Pharaoh Shabaka

Nile Valley Entertainment ia a Reggae, R&B, Hip-hop, independent music label. Taking advantage of the rapid advance in digital technology as it pertains to music and video, Nile Valley Entertainment is uniquely poised to bring a new generation of artists and musicians to the attention of the global audience! <br /><br />Based in Brooklyn New York and Miami Fl. two of the largest music and entertainment hubs in the country Nile Valley Entertainment stays true to the authentic Roots Rock Reggae, R&B & Hip-hop vibes coming straight from the streets. When it comes to music Nile Valley Entertainment don't follow trends, we set them by keeping the musical fire blazing night and day! <br /><br />Rippa Jahson released his first album "RASTAFARI LOVE" in 2007 Prince J. Boogy, Fari Earl-e- Bee & Young Slim the hottest culture reggae dancehall & Hip-hop entertainers residing in NYC and Miami FL. will be releasing their new albums in 2010. <br /><br />Look out for the whole Nile Valley Entertainment crew in 2010, MORE FYAH