I have been running a dog daycare and boarding facility since 2001. Finding the perfect pet fur vacuum was a challenge. Vacuuming our rugs well and completely was essential especially in the summer when many dogs were shedding. Some dog breeds like Akitas and Golden Retrievers shed huge quantities of animal hair.When we got 15 or more dogs it was important to be able to get reliable vacuums that would vacuum pet hair quickly. In time various vacuums were bought, practically used and tested to determine whether they were up to the task of removing pet hair from carpets. <br /><br />Through our tests, I found that every vacuum had its own strengths and weaknesses. For example some vacuums were good at removing pet hair but didn't fare as well when cleaning hardwood floors, upholstery and stairs. My conclusion was that selecting a vacuum, not just a vacuum for pet hair, required more thought and research than I had ever imagined.