Peter Parker

Any encounter with Peter Parker 513 will arouse a heightened sense that there is more to him than meets the eye and inspire the desire to experience this modern day “SUPER HERO." Peter Parker - the name alone, appeals to the hero within us all. Whoever thinks the term “whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger" is not the realest statement one can make has obviously not met this guy. Peter Parker is simply a metaphor which underscores his uncanny ability and empowerment to futuristically take you back to a time when hip hop meant so much more then big money, deals, and phony facade images. In these per alas and uncertain times, Parker, in a sense was called to RAP. In the year 2008 after moving to Los Angeles, CA, this 25 year old native of Cincinnati, OH, found himself drawn to the possibility of becoming a rapper. Having virtually no rap experience what so ever--Parker began to write his raw, conscious thoughts. Bit by the bug, he quickly began to understand that he possesses a unique ability to capture both historical and present events. Feeling his new found skills getting stronger and stronger, he spent countless of hours preparing for the moment when he would get chance to revolutionize the twenty-first century MC. <br /><br />His “Super Hero” characteristics are embodied in three facets of Peter Parker. The three elements that comprise this modern day “Super Hero” are The Student, The Competitor, and The Humanitarian. The Student is constantly eager to sponge new information, and the wisdom of the ages. The Competitor is always aware that each failure is but one step closer to success. The Humanitarian is the people’s champ. The 513 in his name is what the upmost respect and reminder from where he came, and a representation for the underdogs all over the world. <br />The evolution of Peter Parker continues as he exploits his talents as a rapper/singer and explores his passion for creativity.