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Best known as the Gangstakuts, he is an artist and music producer who emerged in the Brussels underground scene in the mid 90s. Comes from the Marolles, a popular neighborhood which has its own culture in urban areas. With his band BIGSHOT (graffiti artists), he released a Hip Hop magazine BOONDOX, the first Mixed Tapes, including PHAT DOPE MIX -- STYLISTIX -- RETALIATION with the Infinity Skils and TWILIGHT BEATS in collaboration with FATBEAT NYC ...
1996: first appearance on the compilation CALMAGE on 9MM records. The DEMO BIGSHOT would follow pretty fast and become a classic with PREACHA MAT, a very talented artist whose appearances are too rare.
Today, GANGSTAKUTS works on instrumental projects in a studio located in the Marolles where the people's sounds and life overlap each other to produce original beats and new talents.
In a particular style in contrast with dull and repetitive loops or embroideries on Pro-Tools, GANGSTAKUTS composes like a real musician directly on MPC or synthesizer. His influences go back to the old school but his sound world comes from the future.
He works on several projects between Brussels, Paris, Montreal and New-York. Hi s creative universe brings him on new experiences such as UGLY DIRTY AND BAD with the visual artist MESA NEPADA. Instrumental and film opera, like the Etore Scola gypsies, Jamaica, the stars, a world of seismic images which bursts and flouts. Resolution BMP.

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