Perfect Blue

The official home of Perfect Blue on Daily Motion <br /><br />Perfect Blue was a collaboration between Scott Causer (The Electric Mainline) and Rob Allen (Nisei23). The debut full length album ‘On A Higher Plane’ is the result of recording sessions which took place in North Wales, London & Bangkok between March 2007 and May 2008. Coming in at just under 40 mins 'On A Higher Plane' will take you to places you've never previously ventured, delving deep into unchartered territories and probing the inner reaches of the brain. Simultaneously beautiful and unsettling, this is one trip that will immerse you forever. Perfect Blue have releases available on the legendary Northern Star, Lona Records, Burning Emptiness and Fourier Transform imprints. Phase One is now complete. <br /><br />Rob Allen quit the band in August 2009.