Peoples voices, videos of radio shows that are hosted by Pagan Media That Bites. Com, with guests speakers.<br /><br /> All content of the videos are owned by the guest speakers who speak to their personal experiences and/or pagan media if I do a show alone. <br /><br />These Peoples Voices blogtalk radio shows that I host discuss child abuse in Residential Schools ( Canada) Boarding Schools ( USA) & Industrial Schools ( Ireland). AS well as other topic and discussions.<br /><br />There are various guests who speak to this horrible abuse in history of vulnerable and defenseless children. <br /><br />The audio can bee seen at my site on blogtalk radio. Any other videos outside of this vast history outside of blogtalk will be hosted on my paid site. I want to keep things separate.<br /><br />I will be putting digiprove certificate numbers with each video which entitles the speakers to full ownership of their personal stories and the videos may not be copied, excerpted in any other medias in any shape or form aside from the discretion of paganmedia and the various guest speakers who must give their prior consent and permission to any other medias professional or non professional of use of their personal life stories. Peoples Voices Blogtalk radio show with Pagan Media Bites. <br /><br />