Brian has been involved in the client service industry since he was 17 years old when he ran a service business with his father. His greatest lesson learned was “deliver what you promise” to your clients, no matter what. <br /><br />Testimonials <br />“Best house painter in Portland Oregon” Don’t take our word for it… check out our testimonials page and see for yourself why people are saying Pearl Painters is the right choice when looking for a good Portland house painter. <br /><br />About Us <br />Portland House Painter Specialists – Pearl Painters is a full service Interior and Exterior painting company founded in Portland Oregon by Brian Kemnitz. We have all heard the stories, about how a Portland house painter was late for an appointment or didn’t show up at all, or they just never showed up again. We want to change that image of a bad Portland house painter and set a new benchmark in quality, service and workmanship. So when you’re ready to hire a Portland house painter, consider Pearl Painters, you won’t be disappointed! <br /><br />Services <br />We are your Portland House Painter! Located in Portland Oregon, we proudly offer one touch point for the following services: Interior painting, Exterior painting, Decorative painting as well as Decorative plaster finishes.