Nepal Sathi

::Nepal SATHI Foundation/Nepal Sathi Pratisthan:: <br />-- <br />Started with helping a girl from Saping village (Kabhre district) in 1999, Nepal SATHI Foundation is a person-to-person voluntary organisation initiated by multicultural people to help poor Nepali people and their children from the remote villages of Nepal to go to school with the issues such as education, health and environment. By closely cooperating with Nepal Sathi Pratisthan, it especially aims to offer disadvantaged children the possibility of a good education so that they may be able to find a future by themselves as well as help develop their own communities. <br />-- <br />Nepal SATHI Foundation, Nepal Sathi Pratisthan, Sapingeli people, Saping village chidren, Saping village drawings, Saping village photographs, Saping village ward number 3, Kabhrepalanchowk, Kavrepalanchowk, Kabhre, Kavre, Nepal SATHI Foundation started in the Netherlands, it is associated with Nepal Sathi Pratisthan Nepal, and it is being supported by dozens of people from all around the globe. B Raj Giri.