Patrick Toussaint

The Brooklyn, New York Musician , Patrick Toussaint is a Focused, Competent, and Gifted future renaissance leader. As an enthusiastic role model he is one of the hottest young rising rappers of his generation. This drive and determination mixed with undeniable skill and talent enables him to make strong connections wherever he goes. From NY-L.A Patrick is becoming recognized within the Music community, all while immersing himself in nearly every facet of show business. <br /><br />The grandson of Joseph Belezaire, a prominent Pastor in Haiti, he understands the role of branding in Media and the power of communication. Toussaint is a natural in front of the camera also, appearing in Music videos & Tours with His Mentor, world-famous producer & song-writer Pharrell Willams. <br /><br />Toussaint is becoming a staple on the New York City event and social circuit, as well as the Brooklyn rap scene. In addition to working on his 1st studio album and Upcoming E.P, He has worked with Amazing Producers Such as B.Howard, Omen, The Remedy, <br />Rob Holladay, Christian RIch, Hit-Boy, Top Notch, Vinylz, The Geek Squad, Develop, Fabe, The HeatMakers, The Olympics, Keith Biz Ross, Boola, Rico, Knotch, D&D, Devin Johnson and Many More