Paul Filinson

Performer, Singer, Songwriter, Producer... <br /><br />Paul is a musician living in Sonoma County, California. In between his duties as a father and small business owner, his live performance following has led to preproduction on an albums for release this year. <br />Primarily self-taught as a musician, Paul focused on the business of music while he trained vocally and on guitar in the East Bay of San Francisco and then New York. <br /><br />Brief history…. <br />Paul met The Be Good Tanyas circa 2000, while working at "The Living Room," as a sound engineer; about a year later they commissioned him to be their tour manager and house sound engineer. From there Paul embarked onto four years of touring with Jolie Holland, Melissa Auf de Mauer, Fischerspooner, and Butterfly Boucher, as a tour manager and sound engineer. <br />While on tour Paul wrote, sung, rehearsed, and utilized time at venues to design and fill out the sound for the music he is producing now. <br />He is accessible to hear feedback on his work through myspace and twitter.