Patrick Stafford

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Patrick Stafford was six years old, when he began taking piano lessons, and only a few months later he composed his first musical work "La Valse trompeuse". As a teenager, Patrick mastered an impressive variety of instruments including the piano, accordeon and bass guitar, preparing him for a tour of eastern Canada with his first band "THE SOUND MACHINE" and this for 3 years. To further his career, Patrick began to acquire the practical skills of the music industry. He became a studio music arranger and artist manager. During this time, he created numerous instrumental pieces, television theme, Jingle's theme, and many song's for many Canadian and European singers. Patrick's music evokes the serenity of nature such as "Un matin d'été/Summer Sunrise" which placed high on Canadian-USA and Asian charts during the summer of 1991. Patrick Stafford is a unique and tasteful composer. His sensitive compositions have gained him warranted public respect. Winner of numerous Composition Price in Canada and Asia, the music and the personnal style of him show just the beginning for a long World Wide career. Now with is new 14 pieces of instrumental piano Themes under the CD Name "FOREVER" Mr.Stafford explore a new vision of life,love,and romance. Already in easy listening in 18 Country's. --March 2012.New Album of Piano Instrumental Theme from 'Patrick Stafford' Title : « The Street's of life » (14 pieces)Distribution by PSE Records for Japan-Taiwan-South Korea-Ireland-Spain. All country's under License.