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Welcome to my official Dailymotion channel, I will upload everything from the NHL or called the National Hockey League, Toonami, Classic Nick like All That, Kenan and Kel, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats and others... I love orange soda, because of Kenan and Kel in 1995. It really started a craze for me. Damn it was fucking crazy. SO, was Shin Chan and Dragonball Z, they are influenitical in my whole corrupt life and how I live it out to the fullest. Like mooning and pissing off my classmates, family, and students. DOing the kahamehame and people doing with me. Skateboarding, Hockey, Causing corruption to the government with treason, with a dose of anarchy meters to the fullest. I hate when people do is not invite me when there is something going on that same day, week, year, and for that matter FOREVER. I like music, when I am in iTunes at school, it is fucking retarded when people say get off it, well, next time I will put them on hostage if they that to me. They think that metal sound is death metal all the time. Well.... You are wrong people at school in my power eating class. If you pissed me off futher than family and friends, and if you go to my school. i will do it if you it.... I hate Calamus-Wheatland, there is no hockey, football, or even tennis teams. Basically everyone there goes basketball (they suck at it), volleyball (okay). Okay, its my page of Dailymotion here's my links to other websites that I have even emails:
-See ya,
Josh (panicpack121 Monitor)

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