Pamir Production

PAMIR Productions is a full service multimedia and video production company based in Kabul City. PAMIR is the one-stop creative resource for a wide variety of Fortune 200 companies, ad agencies, nonprofits and other organizations.<br />For the past 10 years, companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes have turned to Pamir for dynamic, cost-effective video production.<br />If you have a message to deliver, a vision to share, a lesson to teach, a product to launch, or an image to build, video is vital to your business. And if you need video, you need Pamir Productions.<br />From inspiration to realization, from concept through research, storyboard and script development, casting, shooting, editing, post-production and duplication, Pamir provides a full line of video production services. In an era where the cutting edges of technology are constantly being redefined, Pamir Productions is committed to using the right tools for every project on an individual basis.Find out more on <br /><br />Get updates from Yash Raj Films on Facebook at, on Blog at<br />for more Information Please Call +93 781 737 737