Robert Vincent

Robert William Vincent is known on the internet as pabear48. Bob was born in Minnesota in 1948. He has degrees in Engineering, Paralegal, Business Management, and was licensed to operate before the Internal Revenue Service and has been an Evangelical Evangelist ministering to ministers, priests, lay-People and friends of Jesus for over 33 years. Author of the Hray-Mah Series. <br /> <br />On March 27th 1969, Robert William Vincent founded and brought to the world: “Voice of the People” <br /> <br />Voice of the People was founded as a non-profit Charitable Corporation on March 27th 1969 in the city of Saint Paul Minnesota…H-675 as a PERPETUAL entity. The founding Officers were Robert William Vincent. President…Rosalie Butler was elected asVice President….Morrie Lamb as Treasurer and Fanny E. May Jr. as Secretary… Rosalie Butler was later elected as a St. Paul City Council Woman and served her office with the colorful Saint Paul Mayor Charlie McCarthy. She remained an active member until Her passage unto the Creator. <br /> <br />“Voice of the People” was created to bring knowledge to The public and expose government cover-ups and wrongs as they were brought by Urban Renewal within Saint Paul Minnesota. Mr. Vincent is still President and CEO of the Voice of The People. <br /> <br />Pabear is an Author and an Artist <br /> <br />Bob has been a rather private artist over the years. He is now in his sixties! <br /> <br />His art has been on display in government buildings, and many businesses over the years. <br /> <br />Once his family talked him into sending 13 works to the Ramsey County Fair in Minnesota. <br />His art works took the Blue Ribbons. But, none were ever offered for sale to the public! Bob felt bad he took so many of the ribbons he thought should have gone to other artists in the displays and refused from that day to put any on public display showings. Only a few selected works were allowed to hang in government buildings. <br /> <br />It is easy to learn more about Bob: (aka) pabear48....simply type in any GO Bar pabear48