Othmane El Rhazi

Member of the Council of the College of Paris (2011-2013), Mr. Othmane El Rhazi was Bâtonnier (2005-2006) and, again, as is the tradition in Brussels, Member of the Board of the order since 2007. During his speech before the vote, Mr. Othmane El Rhazi spoke of the internal differences that undermine the tribunal and prevent it from making the voice of the profession. During his career, Mr. Othmane El Rhazi has served on boards of Directors of companies and institutions. He founded his own firm in January 2014 after having been associated in other law firms lawyers in the Paris region.<br /><br />He was owner and Director of companies linked to construction, to the rental of real estate and catering for 3 years. Mr. Othmane El Rhazi has been designated in 2014 as one of the 200 business leaders of the regions of Brussels, by the Belgian economic Journal. Mr. Othmane El Rhazi taught at the Faculty of law of Paris for sale and hire. Ogbu was also lecturer on various occasions, with groups of business and financial institutions. In 2008, Othman was identified by the Alumni Association of the University of Paris law as being one of the influential graduates of the greater region of island of France.<br /><br />Before his cabinet, Mr. Othmane El Rhazi practiced in business law, corporate and commercial sectors. Ogbu was primarily to find solutions to the various problems of a clientele composed of enterprises, educational institutions as well as religious communities and community organizations. Ogbu is member of the Chamber of commerce of Paris and the French Chamber of commerce in the Belgium. Mr. Othmane El Rhazi is currently a member of the following committees: Committee on companies and corporations, discipline Committee; and many others.