Sian O'Brien

Osian Productions is an independant film production team, willing to try anything to improve and impress, managed by Sian O'Brien. <br /><br />I am a graduate of Media. This showcase of some of my work was made with the help and dedication of the other members of Osian Productions. <br /><br />To date, Osian Productions largest hit was the online Torchwood parody (made with admiration for the show) Doothcrow. This small series took place whilst Osian Productions was based in Carlisle under the name Plan 9 Productions. <br /><br />Plan 9 Prodcutions helped make 10 short films, 2 documentaries 4 music videos and 4 episodes of Doothcrow. Osian Productions hopes to beat that within the next 2 years, having already achieved 1 music video, 1 episode of Doothcrow and a documentry about the circus; 'Village On The Move'. <br /><br />Films <br /><br />Abduction –Director Writer Editor Producer <br />Industrial Goth –Writer Director Producer Actor <br />Somnambulist –Director Producer <br />Duskman Liveth –Camera Edit <br />Grand Larceny -Editor <br />Cold Water –Production Manager <br />Gary -Production Assistant <br /><br />Documentries <br /><br />Doothcrow Unwrapped –Editor Executive Producer <br />Doctors, under the knife –Editor Producer <br />Village On The Move -Editor <br /><br />Music Videos <br /><br />Remote by Forenzic, music video -Producer <br />E talking by Soulwax, music video Editor <br />Message To You by Fifteen Stories -Editor <br />I Just Want To Be Him by Medusa Cascade -Producer Director Editor <br />An Awful Lot Of Running by Chameleon Circuit -Director Editor <br /><br />Doothcrow Series <br /><br />Doothcrow –Director Editor Writer Actor Producer <br />Barricade –Producer Actor <br />Hubisode –Editor Actor Executive Producer <br />Manicosta -Editor Actor Executive Producer <br />iPlot -Executive Producer Actor Editor Writer <br /><br />Other Achievments <br /><br />Theatre Lighting Manager, Gutersloh Theatre <br />Assistant Teaching, Theatre School <br />Assistant Stage Manager, Theatre School <br />Assistant Teaching teaching technical media skills <br />Work Placement, BBC Birmingham <br />Work Placement, Youth Worker <br />Work Placement, Baby Cow Productions