ALTON ELLIOTT & ROBERT PERKINS <br /><br />The songs we do here are usually traditional country or bluegrass standards. We do write some of our own music but on this channel you will find us doing more of our favorite traditional songs. <br /><br />Alton Elliott plays rhythm guitar and sings most of the lead, Robert Perkins plays most of the lead-guitar and contributes vocals too. Alton is usually positioned where he is almost out of the video frame to the right, at times you can see his left hand and back of his guitar neck in the bottom center of the screen. Robert is usually positioned facing the camera towards the left of the screen, we've found this to be the best over all audio mix for us and produces a little more of a stereo effect from the camera's microphone. <br />We will usually get a song pretty decent on the first take. What you hear here is practically unrehearsed versions of standard traditional bluegrass, country and sometimes early jazz or pop songs done from memory of our favorite musicians' recordings, (Stanley Brothers, Nick Lucas, Delmore Brothers, Callahan Brothers, Reno & Smiley etc.) so naturally from time to time we make a few flaws,(a wrong word or a missed note) because between the two of us we may not remember or even hear a recording the same. <br /><br />We are often asked what kind of guitars we use. <br />Some of our favorites used in these videos are: <br /><br />1931 Martin OM-18 <br /><br />1943 Gibson J-45 (Maple) <br /><br />1945 Gibson J-45 (Maple) <br /><br />1946 Gibson Southern Jumbo <br /><br />1947 Martin D-28 <br /><br />1954 Martin D-28 <br /><br />If you enjoy what we do drop us a line or subscribe, we will be glad to hear from you. <br /><br />Email: altonelliott@gmail.com <br /><br />Mailing address: <br /><br />Original Formula Music <br />PO Box 4613 <br />Asheboro, NC 27204 <br />USA <br /><br />Phone: (336) 225-9411