I would be subbing BAP shows from now on.<br />1) Not yet subbed or will be subbed by kpopobsessed and other subbing teams<br />2) I find it interesting to sub.<br /><br />Main channel: youtube.com/user/bapisjjang<br />Follow my twitter for updates: twitter.com/bapisjjang<br /><br />I am not Korean, but I am studying Korean for about 4-5 years already. I have been subbing dramas before as well. Rarely the case that I can fluently translate shows 100%, but I get about 80-90% of it. I cannot translate business and scientific jargons, but I will try my best to catch the context.<br /><br />Translations are all mine, including grammar and spelling error. Mistranslations are also considered mine.<br />Please do not reupload without permission.<br /><br />No copyright intended.