On The List TV

On The List TV is a show that covers all the great Metro Detroit events that make evenings and weekends fun, from the bar scene to cool events. <br /><br />On The List TV is your all access pass to a good time! <br /><br />It’s a show dedicated to discovering all the fun things to see and do in Metro Detroit. <br />The concept is simple. <br /><br />We answer the question: What do you want to do tonight? <br /><br />We know that there is plenty of fun things to do in Detroit. Unfortunately, when it <br />comes to going out for a night on the town, most people have too many questions, <br />they are too intimidated or they just don’t know about them. When faced with these <br />three problems the results are usually the same - they go to the same two or three <br />places over and over again. Our job is to eliminate those worries.