Matthew OBrien

Over 17 years of experience in the digital media industry; starting my career with a Fortune 500 company and running Internet technology companies from start up stage to exit strategy. Currently making businesses active believers in social media marketing by infusing social media technology into their established online marketing plans. Education is the biggest barrier with businesses when implementing social media marketing. Currently in development is the formation of the World Webinar Network, This Network will bring the best marketing, sales and leadership minds together to help businesses quickly and efficiently embrace the power of social networking and impact their bottom line. Understanding the power of social media marketing and how cost effective this media is becoming will forever change the way businesses do business online. <br /><br />Mint Social is a social media marketing and online branding company that establishes a presence for businesses in the fastest growing segment of the Internet. The word empowerMint embodies empowering a business to understand why social media and online branding is critical to their online marketing initiatives and Mint represents the results; fresh ideas blended into traditional marketing channels. Mint Social is part of Tventure, LLC that was established in 1998 and is committed to evangelize social media marketing for businesses by providing the knowledge and tools that make online marketing work. We have been instrumental at assisting businesses with the achievement of their growth strategies. Http://