Olympic Song

This is part of the Music Maratone Project by the composer ( songs and lyrics ) <br /><br />Creating and spreading the songs for the world, hymns for the universe <br /><br />A true Music Maratone <br /><br />The concept also includes the Website www.olympic-song.com and The Olympic Song Messengers ( with SkyJays, TrainJays, SpaceJays ) who will be formed in several countries and cities to carry the Musical Torch ( see the Burning Guitar Logo on the video ) and spread <br />the songs and the message. <br /><br />True to the spirit of the Maratone, the lyrics for the London Olympic Song Urban Underground will have about 100 pages of lyrics and will keep growing. You can experience part of the lyrics on www.olympic-song.com. <br /><br />Each song ( The Olympic Song „Celebrate Humanity!“, London Olympic Song „Say Hello 2 Your Global Village“ and the London Olympic Rap „Power of the word“ and other songs will also be rendered in several variations ( Pop, Jazz, ACapella etc. ) <br /><br />Keep visiting www.olympic-song.com for more songs and lyrics. <br />We’ll keep adding songs and lyrics and keep the spirit of the Music-Maratone alive <br />