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TheMan Témothé
yEA Rob is a phoney
Last year by TheMan Témothé
i cant believe you all think that is the real rob feinstein!! its a work !!.. like the real rob feinstein would tell you to phone him after youve deleted the vids , thats ridiculous come on, you surely cant believe that !! ... this kind of thing used to happened on youtube years ago with people trolling and getting vids and pages taken down .. i can assure you that is not the real rob feinstein
Last year by GLORY,PAUL
Rob Feinstein
As you can see our DVDs have been removed and we are working with Daily Motion. We have collected a list of everyone who has posted since you are all readying this and if we find in the future our videos go back up we will take legal action. We have done in the past and will continue to protect our copyrights along with the other companies as well on this. We are all working together with this.
Last year by Rob Feinstein
Rob Feinstein
Daily Motion is tracking everyone for us so you can choose what happens next. Thanks for your support.
Last year by Rob Feinstein

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