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HEADY DESCRIPTION: OFFADATASS is exactly what it sounds like -- an expression of movement, a voyage up, out, forward, and beyond. This amalgamation of digital parts is simultaneously a vehicle for personal experimentation and a call to arms, but it is always, first and foremost, a verb, an action, a dynamic progression of sound and imagery.

REAL-WORLD DESCRIPTION: You see, theres this American kid named Ryn who likes to blog and fuck around with low-end video technology. OFFADATASS is just the latest in a long string of awkward and irregular video blogs, none of which earn any money or acclaim. As it happens, this version currently takes place in Melbourne, Australia, where Ryn was a graduate student at the Victorian College of the Art. OFFADATASS, it should also be noted, has very little to do with Ryns formal, academic studies, but he likes to think they compliment each other somehow.

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