Brian Lauretta

Hello people, What's the dicky licky ooh? My name is Brian. I am a 30 year old disease free male from Golden Valley,Mn. I grew up with my mom and two sisters and a brother Which I luv them alot and are dear to me.I have no kids of my own yet and my decision will depend on the woman whether or not she wants to have kids.Well here's a few of my good qualities about me..I'm a total sweetheart, I enjoy listening to people's problems and giving them advice. I more so think of others, before myself. That's more than likely one of my best qualities. I have a great sense of humor in that I love to laugh and make people laugh. I'm also very honest and trustworthy. When I get into something I am dedicated whether it is a hobby or a relationship. I like to go out and explore new things whether it is scenery or sexually as long as it is with a woman. Everyone says' I'm very shy but, I think of myself as modest.I'm more of a night person, I really enjoy staying up late and sleeping in but, who doesn't.I'm also a very open minded person in that am receptive to new ideas'.I can be spontaneous also at times where, I will act upon the urge of the moment.

LIKES.... Having Fun, Spending time with family & friends,
Meeting new people, Learning new things,

DISLIKES.... Arrogant people, Time Wasters, Back Stabbers, 2faced People, Dis-honest people, Theifs, Liers,

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