We're the 'tonux.gix' (formerly "tonux.formation") ― a group of people who tired to live ordinary, who like to give their ideas some artistical expression, and who love life. Currently there's 4 of us since 2003 year, no only guys, each of us is of different age and location. Some of use are at education yet, and the oldest is more than 50 years old. Once we started with writing music together. Now we even occupate 3d, different live performances, a lot of different projects. But it doesn't matter what we do, it is always some artistical search for us. We avoid fame, maybe it sounds amateur-like, but we don't consider ourselves amateurs. If you consider that those who produce shooters are experts, then we of course aren't ones:) All that we show here, be that music or 3d scenes, or anything other is made by us from zero. Sources, textures, soundfonts, meshes and everything else is done mostly with open-source software. We like the Blender or for example Ardour more than commertial analogues. Most often we co-operate remotely using internet, but sometimes we like to do a live meeting. But the technical progress gradually erases an edge between reality and virtuality. Our experience with 3d graphics had a great influence on our new searches in sound. Besides 'usual' music, which has its beginning and its end, we are trying to create non-linear interactive 'sound-art' (we are still unsure how to better call it…). More on: <br /> We are very grateful to all who help us, Natalia Kozhushko, Laura Kallas, Carolina Mendoza, MisaChi and others. We'll also very thankful to all for subscribe, comments, invitations. Big thanks in advance for any expressed impresions about things that we show here.