Joey Gattuso

<br />Homepage of Class "J" Video Productions <br /><br />Welcome to "The Ultimate Railfanning Experience." My name is Joey Gattuso and I'm a dedicated railfan who has been railfanning since 2002. Come on in and enjoy the videos! <br /><br />Camcorder: Sony DCR-HC52 <br />Tripod: Sunpak 6060 <br />Scanner: RadioShack PRO-89 (I need to get a new digital one, but they're too expensive right now.) <br /><br />It is highly recommended that you watch my videos in high-quality, or "HQ" setting. It won't be DVD-quality of course, but it will enhance the picture better than normal quality. <br /><br />In the near future, I will be buying a Sony HDR-XR100 camcorder or equivalent, hopefully around 2010 or 2011. Be sure to watch those videos in the high-definition or "HD" setting for maximum clarity!