Nigel Quinn

Megacity Films is an Independent Film/TV Development Production company based in Milton Keynes looking to collaborate with writers, directors and producers. <br /><br />For further information you can contact - <br /><br />Director/ Producer Nigel Quinn studied at Central St Martins and later graduated from Plymouth College of Art & Design in PhotoMedia. With extensive experience from Ealing Film Studios, Triffic Films, Working Title and Raindance, he's helped students produce over 100 short films and documentaries. He has collaborated on a number of short films as writer and director on 'Blood & Grass', 'Visions of Kerouac', 'No Trolleys Beyond this Point'. <br /><br />Nigel also Produced the short film 'The Mumbler' and Directed the short film 'Valhalla' . Nigel has just completed collaborating on a First Light Movies Project 'Leo' and producing 'Hard Shoulder'. He's now attached to a couple of features.