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Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at my profile, my name is Rob Norris and I am really glad you are here. Please read through and let me tell you all about myself.

So, who am I...?

Well, here goes, I am part of an amazing family, I have a fantastic wife (Lisa) and 2 two super boys, Jake the eldest and Dillon, the three of them enhance my life and make me so happy each day. I have a super dog called Tamba (my sons named her after a kids program character - luckily they did not name me!!). I am a part time tennis coach (used to full-time and will explain later), which i so enjoy as it allows me to help others improve their tennis and develop friendships, with an added bonus of being paid. I am also an internet entrepreneur (which is my real passion) using the web 2.0 marketing, which allows me to coach and mentor others...

I am really happy with life at present and happy at last with the direction my life is taking.


Short term my wife went out and got a part time job but this would not create the income we needed, I must say family support was fantastic during this time. After getting over the panic I new I needed to solve the problem or let the situation get worse!, this is when I looked at the idea of working from home and to say this was the best move of my life was an understatment.

I looked at a local newspaper and surfed the net for a several days, my head was in a spin as there are lots of opportunities out there and not having any expirience working from home I was not sure which add to follow.

So I decided to look at an opportunity which highlighted everything I was looking for and no experience was neccessary and after looking at information and speaking to a very down to earth person, who answered all my questions and was a really helpful person, which I think is why I joined. Lets just say the rest is history!

I have been working from home for a few years now (it did not start off a smooth journey but after learning the correct techniques and using them, success followed - (I wish I have learned these techniques from the start) I also love the way I decide what hours I work and the people I work with and I have no boss (I still coach as I enjoy it so much - obviously my back does not allow me to do to many hours).

The Secret Formula!

I do not want to give you the impression that I am someone special and drive a fancy car and make millions of pounds a year, I just want to impress upon you that I have found a way to achieve success online and I would love to show you how this has been done if you would let me.

I have learned the art of being successful online in this day and age, the "old school strategies and techniques were devised in the early years of multi level marketing/network marketing or the first home businesses! Its like showing people how to play tennis with a wooden racquet where the ones these days make the game so much easier, I know this from experience - trust me!!

In my first year of working from home and using those out dated strategies, I made a loss but was told it was a 3-5 year plan,

I made that list of 200 people, made hundreds of cold calls and used paid advertising. I did not find it easy to see success as it created alot of negative responces and loads of rejection. After I discovered on my own, that the misguided instructions from my Sponsor was creating the wrong results I decided that I had to find a better way of doing the business as I new the concepts were right.

No contacting my friends and family, no cold calling, advertising or sending out to mailing lists’like the old days which when I look back was so painful.

I have no need to try to pitch my business, the compensation plan or the product to the people I love. No underlining motive for contacting people, I don’t even think about how best and who to show my buisness idea to!

I don’t spend time hoping people will join me in business, its all about building relationships and helping others, which is what I love so much.

It is so important to know how to Brand yourself, you will never attract the right kind of people to you, it then becomes a numbers game which is very hard work which you must be immune to rejection.

I found this person Gregory from USA who is a very special individual and through his help I learned how to market and Brand myself, not how to pitch my business

I would love to make a new friend and help you change the direction you are going if you want my help. My UK phone number is (+44) 01489 781947 or (+44) 07825641870, my Skype contact is rob.norris125 (this is FREE to use, all you need to do is sign up to WWW.SKYPE.COM ),



Rob Norris