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Colmar, France
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And ocean, , diesbelief, dissection, Joe Satriani, the exploited, vangelis, moi dix mois , deicide, nirvana, naplam death, within temptation, rammstein, amon amarth, G3, bloodbath, limewax, mettalica, HIM, downfall, bob sinclar, lord cossity, francois perrusse,
at the gates, biohazard, dimmu borgir, thy serpent, covenant, wizzard, immortal, satyricon, dark funeral, beherit, mayhem, cradle of filth, arcturus, lord diabolus, marduk, emperor, impaled nazarene, chimaira, clawfinger, darkthrone, dragon force, finntroll, hate forest, indochine, korn, mlickael jackson, megadeth, meshuggah, morbid angel, nightwish, nickleback, nevermore, nine inch nails, obituary,
pakito, nattefrost, 1349, a forest, abigail, aborted, absu, aborym, aeternum, ad hominem, acheron, afluent of styx, aggravated assault, akerbeltz, agnostic front, alfader, alastor, all out war, amok, anaklein, andrew WK, angel corpse, angelspit, angerfirst, anthrax, anorexia nervosa, apocalyptica, arch enemy, arthkos, scooter, as I lay diyng, at all cost, ATB, ATC, bag man, aura noir, balrog, bathory, behemoth, belphegor, benassi bros, benighted leams, bestial mockery, bewitched, black bomb a ,
black fate, black inwars, black lodges, black witchery, bleeding throught, blind, guardian, blood emperor, blood for blood, bloodthrone, blut aus nord, bloody sign, boodylotion, bob marley, vorholm, born of sin, buldozer, burzum, burial palace, busted, candlemass, cannibal corse, capricornus, carcass, carnal forge, carpathian forest, cascada, celtic frost, centinex, centurian,
chernobog, children of bodom, count nosferaptu commando, coal chamber, counterfeit, curse, cryptosy, cypress hill, daath, dagoba, damnation , DHT (danger hardcore team), darknova, dark tranquility, darkmoon warrior, death, deadsoil, deathstars, demogorgon, depech mode, der gerwelt, destinity, devildriver, dione, dire straits, displin, dismember, DJ adrien, disturbed, DJ bas, DJ cerla, DJ nospheraptu, DJ skinhead, do or die, DJ ufo, dope, dope stars inc., drastus, dream theater, driller killer, drowning, drudkh, dry kill logic, dwimor, dub muk, dying fetus, lil scrapy, ensiferum, enigma,
enslaved, entombed, efel duath, etheral woods, eths, execute, fear factory , fear of god, floorfilla, force fed, forgotten tomb, frostmoon eclipse, gehennah, godhead, gojira, gosforth, gorgoroth, groove coverage, gronibard, guilty of reason (old), hades, handfull of hate, hatebreed, havok, hellfucked, heloween, I, hipocrisy, ill niño, illdispoed, immolation, impaled, inchuivatu, in flames, inquisition, renaud, isegrim, kamelot, kampfar, kansas of elsass, kiss, komitern sect,
korpiklaani, kreator, kriegmaschine, krisiun, kronois, lacuna coil, lapis niger, lamb of god, leave's eyes, led zeppelin, infentrei sauvage, lutomysl, machine head, madball, malign, martyr, may result, ministery, molosse, moonspell, mortuary drape, motörhead, murderdolls, nagflar, mushroom head, nehemah, nargaroth, nazgul, nebular mystic, negură bunget, necrodeath, nile, no return, noctifer, nocturnal mortum, nostromo, ofermod, old funeral, old man's child, old wains, oomhph!, opeth,
P.O.D., otargos, ozzy osbourne, paragon impur, pathogen, pentagrm, phazm, pogrom, posseded, ragnarock, remebrance, rhapsody, rob zombie, rotterdam terror corpsrotting christ, saratoga, scott brown, setenced, sepultura, shadows fall, shining,shpongle, sick of it all, sinful(russie), 6f eet under, slayer, soilwork, sonata arctica, soulfly, soulgrind, static-x, strapping young lad, steeve vai, svartsyn, simphorce, SOAD, taake, tamtrum, testament, terror, the berzereker, the coors, the eternal, the shadow order, thron, thierry la fonderie, torture killer, trauma, troll, trivium, TTC, tryo, type o negative, U2 , ultra vomit, undercover slut, unleashed, vader, varathron, venom, vultyr, walls of jericho, watain,
wednesday 13, windir, wishmastern, winter of apokalypse, yes, yyrkoon, zemial, zuchero, zuul fx, zyklon , zyklon B,...

En couple : oui
depuis : Plus d'un ans
avec: Mélanie <3
En cours : oui 1re stg gestion -__-

2 dernier mots pour la fin ? : ta gueule


bien l'ours
6 years ago by FRACKASS TEAM
no soucy !!!
look that!!
6 years ago by FRACKASS TEAM

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