Nige Burr

Nige Burr has had the privilege of speaking to many groups, fellowships and people about his faith over the last twenty years. He was brought up on a council estate in Pembury, Kent and similar estates of Hollingwood and Inkersall in Derbyshire. <br />He was converted from a troubled background where alcohol was a problem, an abusive father and little potential when he left school. It was during the Billy Graham Mission Sheffield Meetings at Sheffield United Football Ground on June 10th 1985; he was 18 years old. <br />From that moment Nige was involved with sharing faith, and encouraging fellowships with the story of his conversion. Jesus Christ completely transformed him. He is a member and evangelist for Filton Community Church, Bristol.UK. <br />His enthusiasm for the Gospel of Jesus Christ is obvious once you see him speak from the pulpit, or speak from anywhere actually!! The Bible makes absolute sense when it is taken for what it says. His training at St Andrews Bible College to be a pastor / evangelist has helped him, but the natural, heart felt effect of Christ in his life has encouraged so many people in so many churches over the years. <br />He can come to your church or fellowship, to encourage the Christians in evangelism. He tends to like a multi media approach, particularly in our time of low literacy levels, even amongst adults. Using humour and the word, nige is able to communicate in such a way that helps others see Jesus Christ. <br />Teaching is a little different, it’s mainly for Christians, but through Inspire Training, Nige has set up an easily accessible Life Coaching Course, which Ross Burr and He could bring to your church or fellowship. <br />Reach Out and Touch is the evangelistic course Nige has developed to aid Christians in outreach endeavours. A PowerPoint series looking at the natural ways in which Christians should and can evangelise. <br />Nige has taught for years, children, teens and adults. He has had music shows on Trans World Radio, plus presented and produced many other bible teaching programs for TWR UK. <br />Tough Talk & Tough Talk 2 are the latest events Nige has organised, and it is wonderful to see people coming along to church after meeting with Jesus Christ, and others who have made a response to Christ at these meetings. <br />Many children’s holiday clubs have been run by him and his teams over the years, but he retired from children’s work October 2007. <br />Being committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Bible has to be relevant to today’s life. The Bible has to make sense today. Day One, Kidzone, TWR, City Eagle Ministries, B&G’s, Inspire and preaching in almost every denomination are just a few of the areas Nige has organised or helped in. <br />Contact Nige –