for my big love... <br /><br />sweet and happy hummingbird ... <br />you captivate with your look, <br />in delicate tunes seduced my soul, <br />you seduce me in the sleep and my thoughts <br />they are full of you... <br />of your beautiful flight, your beautiful heart, <br />of your beautiful soul... <br />You are present, you live in me... <br />you are the bird of the god's garden, <br />you giving love and happiness to the one who sees you. <br />small and fragile hummingbird. <br />I have decided not to stop dreaming <br />to keep on constructing the desire of be with you <br /><br />you have the beauty, the sweetness, the happiness... <br />today I am going to give you a flower <br />that will makes you happy, or at least to smile..... <br />Я просто люблю тебя <br />I will love you with my soul and my heart forever