English presentation <br /><br />"Pierrick & Friends" <br /><br />African percussions and more <br /><br />Through a wonderful mixture of Ngoma, Djémbé, Dunun, Guitar, Drum, keyboard ......, the band „Pierrick & friends" presents the rythms of the heart of Africa. It has succeeded, with a lot of talent, the marriage between the traditional and the modern music, charming ,once on stage an enthousiasmic world of music. <br /><br />„The Pierrick & friends" was founded by the congolese Pierrick Nzoungani. He is been living in the Bodensee-Oberschwaben region in Germany for almost seven years. He made a name and get a good reputation while performing in several shows with the Bands: „Afro Tam Tam" and "Pierrick & friends." <br /><br />Besides, Pierrick gives african Drums courses to pupils of all ages. He discovered Europe while touring some years ago with the famous percussion Band „Tambours de Brazza". <br /><br />„Pierrick & friends" is a multi coloured and multi-cultural band in which african and german musicians perform together. Their music that goes beyond all frontiers, has conquered the heart of a lot of fans and keeps on filling at every show some new ones with enthusiasm. <br /><br />