IMPORTANT: <br />I severed my left index finger the other day mounting a project so I will be away for a bit while I recover. <br /><br />Currently Uploaded: <br />The Time Monster (Jon Pertwee) <br />Survival (Sylvester McCoy) <br /><br />To be uploaded next: <br />Logopolis (Tom Baker) <br /><br />Doctor Who & graphic design are my life. <br />I like it that way. <br /><br />My favourite Doctor is Five. <br />(Ten follows at a close second though) <br />My favourite companion is Turlough or Donna. <br /><br />My most sincere thanks is sent out to those lovely people who have taken their time to post Classic Who here. I appreciate you all immensely for filling in the gaps in my DVD collections. <br /><br />If you are looking for something, contact me, I might have it.