Anna Konda
I´m Anna-Konda the Naturalborndom Female Wrestler, Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Sessionwrestler - - Germany´s Nr.1 Powerdom. visit my websites click the buttons on the left!
I´m a real Muscledom! I love to dominate with my strenght! I´m the best in Lift and Carry! I can move tons of Weight and can crush Bones and Concrete i can bend thick Steelebars! 100% natural female Muscles! Wrestlingsessions in Berlin! Meet a real Amazon and Female Wrestling Heavyweight! 112kg at 1.63m !!!


Jrizza Smithy
Love your channel.
Letztes august von Jrizza Smithy
Ann Ampar
Cool channel!
Letztes august von Ann Ampar
hello Anna can you make a bodyslam with me?
Letztes juli von bodyslammike
in the name of power - ANNA KONDA !
Letztes februar von Newworldorder

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