I'm a music producer who has a passion for everything to do with art, music, sound, live... I'm also a big movie fan and love the classics, but my favorite classics are the ones that you'll find me spinning on my turntables or cutting up in ableton live and remixing into some new beats.<br /><br />As you can tell, making beats and music is what I live for, so much so that i even started the beat making and music production site which is dedicated to helping others pursue their passion for music production. Feel free to hit me up if you wan to talk music or anything like that!<br /><br />I've been producing beats and working with all different styles of electronic for as long as I can remember. Hip hop, techno, dubstep, drum and bass, trap... I love it all. If it has beats and it has bass and a funky rhythm then I'll eat it up like macaroni on a sunday.<br /><br />Just a shout out to anyone else who makes tracks, djs, produces, whatever... If you want to get in touch and talk music then please do. No matter if you're a new beat maker or have a ton of experience I'd love to chat and see where we can help eachother out or just shoot the breeze. no matter...<br /><br />I love this site, dailymotion rocks. Take care yall.