Amrion Nutraceuticals

If you’ve been using natural supplements since the 1980s or 1990s, you’ll probably recognize some of the first Amrion’s innovative brands: Bioenergy Nutrients, Health Styles, and PhysioLogics to name a few.<br /><br />“When I originally founded Amrion in 1988, I wanted to do something meaningful in the world. I wanted to build a company with a deeper purpose than just financial gain,” Amrion founder Mark Crossen says. “The study of philosophy naturally leads me to the enduring altruistic principal of serving humanity.<br /><br />“I had seen the power and benefits of botanicals and nutrients in my own life and the lives of countless others. So I visualized a company of dedicated people all working together to produce products that help people heal themselves.” Mark Crossen and Amrion CEO John Collar decided it was time to begin anew.<br /><br />Crossen and Collar set out assembling a team of experienced, talented and innovative professionals who shared their core philosophies. Today, this ever-growing, customer-centric team now brings you a new line of ground-breaking science-meets-nature products to help maximize your passion for healthy living!<br /><br />“I believe we have an obligation to help heal the suffering of the world by giving people access to the benefits of powerful, science-based micronutrients. To do this we strive to give people the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Educated consumers are just healthier people,” says Mark Crossen.<br /><br />Specialties<br />Amrion’s products and formulas are based on exhaustive reviews and scientific analysis. Our research and development team has over 70 years of combined experience in the nutraceutical field. Our innovative formulas are crafted to deliver clinically validated health benefits. They are formulated and manufactured according to the highest industry standards to be effective and safe for their intended use.