Vagary: a whimsical, wild, or unusual idea, desire, or action. <br /><br />myVagary was launched to celebrate the Performing Arts. Our mission is to create a platform that nurtures and cultivates a positive environment for aspiring artists of Dance, Music, Drama, Writing, and Cirque. <br /><br />At myVagary, we believe that all types of creativity are honorable, but we focus on the Performing Arts, where the human body communicates the art. There has always been a grey area between Entertainment and Art. Ultimately, quality art may be defined by its ability to endure time. myVagary was launched with the disciplined artisan in mind. <br /><br />myVagary focuses on artists that have chosen a difficult path in life. This is the path of structured growth through humbling trial and error, where the destination is the learning process itself. It is the path taken by those with only the highest level of passion for their craft. myVagary has adopted the Greek element of "fire" to represent this passion.