Hello ^_^ <br />voici notre teaser 100% realisé sans trucage ni mashup, <br />ce sont de vrais costumes. <br />notre film de 40 minutes sort bientot <br />n'hesitez pas a me contacter. <br /><br />Hello! <br />Please check my robocop vs predator fan movie & my robocop props museum memory on my myspace. <br />that of my passion, that of robocop has which I devote a museum of Props and single memory of the objects which were useful has to make films of Robocop. <br />I have collected for more than 10 years, come to see the photographs in my album. <br />thank you for your visit & soon I have hope on my myspace <br />Many thx for support my project. <br />Kind & best regards. <br />Check it & Welcome to my World!! <br /><br />Murphy38. <br />