Kelly Isom Tolar

****I AM NOT A VITEL WIRELESS REP ANYMORE! I PERSONALLY HAD A VERY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY AND IN MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION IT'S NOT A GOOD FIT FOR MY FAMILY. <br /><br />My passion: Internet Marketing and Advertising since 2002 after I closed my clothing store. Thank goodness I'm out of that! I love finding the right product and company to market with. The company has to be heart and spirit filled. Plus, have a vision and bigger picture of helping others. <br /><br />Passion to help others and make the financial lives better for others. Why? You will never get what you want unless you help others. <br /><br />I am very, very passionate about helping people that want to help others. Don't wait until the economy gets worse to do something extra. <br /><br />KEY..Just do a little bit everyday and create monthly residual income for you and your family. I've found several streams of income and I totally recommend you do the same. <br /><br />Glad to help you, <br />Kelly Tolar <br />1-888-247-0028 (3 min message)