Hello lovely people! <br />I am here with a new account! <br />This is my 1st edition of my dailymotion page and its a pain in the butt for recreating a new one uploading my old [and new ^^] videos on youtube, so I came here to seek refuge ^^. <br />------ <br />You may have remembered me from my accounts: opaquesimply. wishfulxme, mrsjungyunho17 and mrsjungyunho89 on youtube. WELL! I am back again so, yet again please do support me on youtube and on here (incase the one on youtube is gone). <br />------ <br />If you have not done so either, if you're from North America and a huge fan of DBSK, please join the unofficial forum: Aethiopeia. =] <br />------ <br />If you have any questions regarding to any videos and such, do PM me. <br />------ <br />Oh and by the way, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVE. PROPER CREDIT PLEASE IF TAKEN OUT! Thanks ^^