Richard Blaine

Easy Cooking is my first food blog. It is the marriage of my love of food and my humble urban kitchen in my very first home that allows me to cook in the fashion that I want. Prior as a life long apartment dweller I never had the kind of kitchen that inspired me in the way my very own home kitchen does. It is small, but it is mine! It is a small 35 square foot floor with a 10×8 wall to wall plan that is a three sided kitchen with long granite counter tops with a bend in each and full granite wall splashes. I have a small Whirlpool 4 gas burner stove/oven and Whirlpool over head microwave oven and both of these units accompany my Whirlpool side by side refrigerator. My kitchen is my favorite place in the entire house. <br /><br />I cook everyday and I cook fresh food every night to take to work with me. I love comfort foods, nice and simple although I will take it up a notch or two to bring that comfort to a new level. I love to experiment with food, don’t you? Anyway what I have to offer here is everyday cooking for everyday people made with the ingredients that you have on hand at the time. There of course will be times when I come up with a dish that you may have to plan for in advance because maybe you don’t have a certain something needed to put it all together, that’s cool! I will have lots of videos. Most of my videos will be the dishes being made and I will also have entire tutorials on how to’s and tips and tricks.